Michael Glaser

Alias: Michael Gee, Justin Payne

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

About: My first taste of video games were those found in arcades, grocery stores, mini-marts, and hotels. They were everywhere. Pong was the first game we got at home but the 2600 was when I became a true Atari fanboy. Although we had Apples in school, the Atari computers had Star Raiders and that love for Atari's stretched into the ST line. Sadly, we all know how that ended and my gaming attention naturally transitioned to the PC, Nintendo, and Xbox.

Vintage Systems Owned: Although I held onto several of my past system (Pong, 7800, Atari ST, & Falcon), I made the mistake of selling off my Atari 2600, 5200, 800, 130XE, and NES. Now that I've gotten back into the scene, I've constantly trying to add to my list, which includes the Atari(800xl, 130XE), Apple (][gs, Mac SE/30, iMac G3, Centris 610), TRS-80 Model III, Odyssey II, Osborne 1, C64, and TI-99 4/A. I look forward to getting my hands on an Atari 800, just cuz that was my first system and it's just a beautiful looking system and I'm happy to have recently been able to find my second computer, the 130XE. It's not a XEGS but I hope it's close enough for you all to respect my reviews of the games I play on it.

First computer/console: My first gaming system was the Pong, which I currently still have but first console my 2600 "sixer". My first computer was an Atari 800 with 48K.

Favorite vintage game(s): Oh, there are so many favorites. I practically grew up in arcades and a lot of us has some kind of console at home. When I switched to the Atari computers, BBS's and fellow Atari owners gave me an ample supply of games. Although I had fun playing the games, it was also the experience walking to the arcades with my friends and trying the new games that had arived. Going head to head with console games. Spending so many hours exploring Britania. Even typing in games from magazines. I feel very lucky getting to grow up when I did.

Other thoughts: I want to thank Rob from Player/Missile procast. He not only gave me my first shot at podcasting but he put me in touch with Dave and Bill to help make this thing possible. I hope you all enjoy what we're doing here and if you ever wanted to do something like this and feel like you have something to contrubute, just go for it. I also want to thank the awesome effort that the guys at the Antic podcast have done with regards to the interviews. This is historic content and will be useful for years to come. Finally, I want to thank all of you people that keep the retro systems alive, either by making content available online, building new hardware to keep extending the systems capabilities, and making those cool homebrew software titles. Way to go all of you!

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